Dogecoin Gambling Site Guide – 2023

Are you mind-boggled by all the choices for Dogecoin gambling sites in the United Kingdom and wondering which ones to put your faith in? Well, fret not, because this is the ultimate guide to help you make all the right choices. Crypto gambling in UK is challenging yet rewarding, and you can learn to take all the right risks here. So let's get started!

Top Online Casino Sites of 2022

1. Vegaz Casino

Vegaz brings the thrill of gambling in Vegas to your screens. Play at this UK-Friendly bitcoin casino and claim some really good offers.

150% Bonus up to €300

2. Casino BTC

CasinoBTC is the pioneer of bitcoin and crypto gambling in UK. Deposit and start playing Quickly.

400% up to m1000
Bonus Coupon code: WELCOME1

3. Kingbilly

With 200 Free Spins and choice of depositing using many cryptocurrencies, this is a top casino in UK & Europe.

Deposit Doubled + 200 Free Spins

4. Spin Samurai

Spin Samurai has one the best casino slots in the Industry with a fun and interactive interface. You will have a good time here.

Bonus up to 5 BTC + 100 Free Spins

5. Goodman Casino

Goodman Casino is a premium Bitcoin Casino for UK Players. It offers one of the best bonuses and free spins for new players.

Join now and get up to €500 + 150 Free Spins


TrueFlip is a world-renowned brand of online casino. When you play at TrueFlip you are assured of the best gaming experience.

10% Cashback Every Week.

7. Joo Casino

Joo offers Bitcoin Deposit Bonuses for first 3 deposits making it one of the best offers in the UK Crypto Gambling space.

100% 1st Deposit Bonus + 50% on 2nd & 3rd Deposit

Dogecoin Casinos- Top Facts

Number of casinos 12
License Curacao
Live betting Available
Withdrawal cost Low
Payout time Quick
Security rate Safe
Player level New & pro
KYC details Not required

Getting started with Dogecoin online casinos

Dogecoin casino benefits

Regardless of whether you are a novice or a veteran in the online gambling scene, you will find Dogecoin gambling to be a safe bet. It is a much more affordable option than bitcoin casinos, which are known to be pricey. Also, most of the top gambling Dogecoin websites keep their joining process pretty simple. After all, you are signing up to play games and have fun (and win money in the process). A long and boring initiation session might kill the mood. So let’s take a look at what getting started with Dogecoin casinos is all about.

  • Set up and register your account
  • Connect your Dogecoin wallet
  • Claim your welcome bonus and deposit bonus
  • Start playing Dogecoin games

Set up and register your account

Setting up your account is easy in any of the popular Dogecoin casinos. You just need to create a unique user name and set up a password for your crypto casino account.

You also need to add your personal information on the Doge casino website you choose. This includes details like your full name, birth date, residential address, country of residence, phone number, and email address. Note that this is what Doge casinos generally ask for; it may vary with different websites.

Connect your Dogecoin wallet

You can use your Dogecoin address to connect your Dogecoin wallet to the crypto casino website you choose. Dogecoins will be directly deposited into your wallet when you do this.

Claim your welcome bonus and deposit bonus

Top casino websites offer a welcome bonus as soon as you sign up. Isn’t that awesome? It will give you the kickstart you need to enter the exhilarating world of Dogecoin casinos.

You can also use the deposit option in your casino account to deposit the required crypto amount. Check the minimum deposit requirements of your favorite casino sites and make a Dogecoin deposit accordingly. To celebrate your first deposit, you will also receive a deposit bonus as a reward on most online Dogecoin casino sites.

Start playing Dogecoin games

Now here comes the fun part: playing Dogecoin casino games! You have literally thousands of options to choose from. Needless to say, it is hard to get bored when there are so many choices. We recommend you to get started with Doge blackjack, Dogecoin casino, or even Dogecoin lottery. Keep your poker face on and play like a pro to keep dogecoins zooming straight into your wallet.

Which are the best Dogecoin gambling website options to check out?

Best dogecoin casino websites

There are some highly popular Dogecoin casino sites that offer a number of amazing benefits, are legal, and you can actually trust. There are a lot of Dogecoin casinos online that you can access from the UK. And we do mean a lot. The list is so long that it is pretty much endless at this point; new ones keep cropping up every single day.

When it comes to online casinos, players are spoilt for choice, and not in a good way. There are way too many shady Doge gambling sites around that get people into trouble.

Choose your gambling website by considering factors like popularity, reward schemes, customer service, game variety, and so on. You can check them out below.

  • BitStarz
  • Stake
  • CloudBet
  • mBit


BitStarz is an awesome Dogecoin casino site, and it has got multiple awards to prove it. The website organizes amazing live casino games. You need to keep a minimum deposit of 1000 DOGE at all times, but there are withdrawal limits. The site has over 150 casino gaming options that are exclusive to dogecoin. All in all, the site is highly compatible with doge, and offers loads of free spins, making it one of our top picks as a  gambling Dogecoin platform.


Amidst endless piles of repetitive games, Stake stands out with Doge gaming options that are original, unique, and exclusive. Doge gambling fans consider Stake to be the best Dogecoin casino and gambling site ever. The website also holds frequent giveaways and promotions (tons of free spins), which is certainly an advantage. You also get a fabulous welcome bonus when you sign up with Stake.


Dogecoin E sports betting activities flourish on CloudBet. This Dogecoin betting site has been around since 2013 and is a pioneer in the crypto betting space. The site started working with dogecoins only recently but is currently fully compatible with the cryptocurrency. And the best part? A fantastic single deposit welcome bonus of dogecoins valuing up to 40000 DOGE.

Plus, this online casino offers free spins every week, zero margin sports bets, and even a deposit bonus on a weekly basis. It has over 2000 casino games designed by over 50 developers, including some amazing arcade game options. There is no better option among Dogecoin casinos for sports betting.


mBit has a huge game collection with over 3600 casino games, which is quite extensive. The good news is that it is perfectly compatible with Dogecoin and 6 other cryptocurrencies as well. The best part is that the minimum deposit amounts to just 1 DOGE. The maximum withdrawal limit is 1000000 DOGE, which is obviously great.

Now you know which website to check out if you like to play and win big, like seriously big. You also get free spins upon free spins on a regular, which is cool as well. Also, it even has a VIP casino program that adds to your Dogecoin wallet with loads of perks and rewards. With all these benefits, it is natural to assume that the website also gives a big fat welcome bonus, 110% to be exact.

Website Bonuses Number of Games
BitStarz No deposit bonus, crypto & cash welcome bonus 3100+ , 150+ exclusive for Doge
Stake 200% deposit bonus & reload bonus 2000+
CloudBet Single deposit 40000DOGE welcome bonus 2000+
mBit 110% welcome bonus, triple deposit bonus 3600+

Tips to consider while using Doge casinos

Dogecoin casino tips

It is a whole lot of fun to play Dogecoin games on crypto casino websites. However, you need to keep a few things in mind to make sure that your time there is good and that you don’t hit any snags along the way. The following pointers will help you take care of yourself in the Dogecoin gambling and gaming space.

  • Keep an eye on the Dogecoin price
  • Broaden your knowledge of sports gambling
  • Check the fees of Dogecoin transfers
  • Use only reputable gaming sites
  • Choose Dogecoin wallets wisely
  • Always remember the risks involved
  • Stay prepared by comparing odds
  • Track payouts regularly

Keep an eye on the Dogecoin price

Dogecoin prices move up and down like a rollercoaster, and it is not easy to predict exactly how it is going to be on the next day. Doge could be riding an all-time low for a few weeks and then suddenly go up all of a sudden. Dogecoin’s co-founder Jackson Palmer wanted to create a cryptocurrency that is fun and does not take a lot of research to get into. So despite the fluctuating prices, Dogecoin remains a safe bet.

However, it is good to familiarize yourself with the Doge market movement before you start using Dogecoin casinos. Dogecoin has a wide community of supporters, so following their updates is a great way to keep track of price movements.

Broaden your knowledge of sports gambling

If you are someone who loves to watch (and play) sports, then placing bets on Doge gambling sites will be a fantastic experience. Regardless of the outcome, doing so will be exciting. Sports betting has been happening for a really long time in the UK. However, things have got even more interesting since it became a thing online.

As fun as Dogecoin sports betting is, it is also quite risky. You could end up winning big bucks or losing everything, which is why you need to keep yourself well-informed about it. Also, choose to place your bets on legitimate websites only.

Check the fees for Dogecoin transfers

Dogecoin deposit and withdrawal fees tend to be really low or even free. The amount differs a bit based on the exchange site you choose. For instance, the popular exchange platform Binance charges 5 DOGE for withdrawal. Also, some casino websites impose withdrawal limits on Dogecoin, which you need to watch out for; some casinos charge fees as well.

Use only reputable gaming sites

This is a tip that you should follow steadfastly throughout your time in the online Doge casino space. Too many players get into the trap set by illegal websites these days.

For instance, imagine that you think the minimum deposit requirements of a legitimate website are too high. On the other hand, there is an illegal website that has no minimum requirement, looks perfect for Doge gaming, and offers a huge welcome bonus and plenty of free spins. Fast forward to a few days, and you are waiting for a huge payout that will never come. To avoid such a scenario, stick to certified sites. In these cases, playing safe is a good idea.

Choose Dogecoin wallets wisely

There are a lot of Dogecoin wallet options to choose from, and the most rated ones include ZenGo, Binance, CoinBase, and Ledger. These wallets support a range of cryptocurrency types, and some offer cool features like 24/7 customer support, cashback, zero processing fees, and much more.

However, some of the wallets take longer to process transactions while some have high transfer fees. Check out your options and choose the one that matches your needs best. Once you set up your wallet, you can use it to make transfers to and from your favorite gambling website.

Always remember the risks involved

We are not going to beat around the bush; online gambling is quite risky. However, the rewards make the risks worthwhile. Top casino sites offer a lot of benefits that are hard to beat. Plus, the risk factor makes it even more fun to play games. But always remember that online gambling can get quite addictive; you need to set personal limits. Considering the risks, getting into the space with Dogecoin is a good option for beginners.

Stay prepared by comparing odds

Different sports gambling websites offer different odds. You should compare them all before choosing the website you want to put your time, money, and effort into. It also goes without saying that the website you compare should all be legal for sports betting and crypto gambling in UK. You will get the hang of how the odds work with practice, and it will be smooth sailing from then on.

Track payouts regularly

Some gambling websites (even the legal ones) delay payouts, which is quite frustrating. However, the top Dogecoin casino websites are reputed for speedy transfers, and they intend to keep it that way. An example is mBit Casino, which is well known for super-fast payouts. You can also check the payout percentages of other websites and choose the ones that have higher rates.

Dogecoin gambling versus regular gambling experiences

Play big and win big with dogecoin gambling sites.

Online gambling activities have been going on since 1994. Players use options like credit and debit cards, e-wallets, and recently cryptocurrency for payments on gambling websites. A common problem that online gamblers face is that it takes a long time to process payments. This is where Dogecoin proves its worth since its transactions happen in a matter of minutes.

Also, with Dogecoin gambling, you do not need to submit your KYC details; you get to stay anonymous. Plus, it is so uncomplicated to deposit and withdraw Dogecoins. While there are plenty of bonuses you can get from regular gambling sites, top sites are also introducing new Dogecoin-based rewards that are too good to resist. Simply put, Dogecoin gambling takes all the best features of regular gambling and makes them better.

Online gambling with Dogecoin- pros and cons

Dogecoin casino pros cons

The global market value of the online gambling industry is expected to hit $100 billion by 2026. Dogecoin is the new kid on the block in the industry and naturally has a long way to go. Yet, there are several benefits that draw players to online Doge gambling sites. After all, even Elon Musk raves about Doge on Twitter often, which is a good sign. On the other hand, there are also certain downsides that make players hesitant to try their luck on cryptocurrency casinos with Dogecoin. Let’s take a look at them all.


Dogecoin casinos offer all the upsides that crypto gambling platforms have in general and make them better. Here’s how it works.

It’s known for fast payments

Regular online gambling options are known for delays in payments. Also, bitcoin gambling in UK is highly popular, yet its transactions take a longer time than with Dogecoin. Also, it is far more inexpensive to transfer dogecoins than other payment options, and this also makes it easier to place simple bets. Therefore, Dogecoin casinos are ideal for both new and top players alike.

You can stay safe and anonymous

One word: decentralized. This is the beauty of cryptocurrency that Dogecoin also represents well. You get to stay anonymous while playing online Dogecoin casino games. After all, you don’t want the whole world to know how much money you won and lost playing Dogecoin poker, do you? This might make you wonder how secure it all is, but worry not; decentralization ensures that each transaction made online is secure and accounted for.

Fund transfers happen fast

Unlike gambling with fiat money, crypto fund transfers happen really quickly. And in the case of Dogecoin, things happen even faster. This means you won’t have to spend time in agony while waiting for your Dogecoin bonuses to kick in.

Top Dogecoin casinos believe in fair play

We get it; making bets online does not exactly sound like the safest thing to do in the world. However, top Dogecoin casinos are quite keen on keeping their games fair for all. For instance, Doge gambling sites cannot see the bets you place before the final round is up. You don’t have to worry about a fraudster swooping in and taking away all your money at any point.


Nothing is perfect, and even the best Doge gambling sites in the UK are no exception. It is worth mentioning that the positives outweigh the negatives. However, let’s check out what the downsides are.

Dogecoin prices tend to fluctuate

The value of Dogecoin goes up and down based on the type of media attention it is getting at the moment. After all, a meme-based currency is bound to be heavily influenced by social media. However, since Dogecoin is quite cheap (compared to giants like Bitcoin), many new online gamblers like to try their luck with it.

Dogecoin casinos are relatively new

Crypto casinos have been around for a while, but many crypto gambling sites have only now started accepting dogecoins. As such a situation persists, some people find themselves reluctant to try their luck with Dogecoin betting.

The future of Doge is ambiguous

Considering the fact that the Doge market is highly volatile, it is hard to accurately predict what the future holds for the currency. This means that you cannot predict how valuable your winnings the games played with Dogecoin casinos might be later. But then again, this is a risk that all crypto gamblers have no choice but to take.

Is it worth it to use Dogecoin on crypto casino sites?

Dogecoin casino gambling

It is definitely worthwhile to gamble online using dogecoins. As established, Dogecoin is pretty new to the casino game scene. However, players like using it because it is inexpensive and easy to transfer. Dogecoin also has a wide community of supporters who keep it afloat during rough times. Plus, many crypto casinos are keen on getting people to deposit dogecoins. This means that it is a great time to reap the best Dogecoin casino bonuses. Plus, you get a lot of free spins on Dogecoin casinos, which is quite fun.

Can you bet on sports games through Dogecoin gambling platforms?

Dogecoin gamblers consider super fast payouts to be a major advantage.

Considering how enthusiastic the majority of Brits are about sports, it is only natural that online sports betting activities flourish in the UK. You can use any of the best Dogecoin casino and gambling sites to place your bets. For instance, some websites provide sportsbooks to check out betting odds and even grab an amazing welcome bonus. You can bet on sports on several other crypto gambling sites as well.

How long does it take to deposit dogecoins?

Dogecoin deposits happen instantly and only take about 1 minute. You can simply paste the deposit address in your Dogecoin wallet to make transfers to the address, which in this case is the Dogecoin casino website you choose. Make sure that you are entering the correct address.

How do Dogecoin withdrawals work?

Dogecoin casino process

Dogecoin transactions usually happen really quickly. It will take anywhere between 5 and 30 minutes for dogecoins to reach your wallet. This is quite fast when compared to trends of Ethereum and Bitcoin gambling in UK, which usually take an hour or more. You can choose to withdraw dogecoins and transfer them to the new address with ease. Many crypto exchanges charge small fees when you dogecoins from your wallet.

Apart from withdrawal fees, you will also be charged with network fees. However, Dogecoin fees remain low compared to other cryptocurrencies, which is why Elon Musk calls it the “people’s crypto”. In fact, the fee of $0.242 charged for Doge transactions is one of the lowest ever. However, there might be withdrawal limits imposed by certain casinos.

Is it possible to play anonymously on Dogecoin casinos?

The best part about Dogecoin casinos is that players get to stay anonymous.

On Dogecoin casino sites, it is possible to remain anonymous while playing games. Some casino websites require KYC verification from the players, but this is not necessary for Dogecoin gambling. This does not mean, however, that someone can commit a crime and get away with it. If you are suspected of fraud, all your transactions can be traced through blockchain.

Which are the best competitions available on gambling sites in the UK?

Most of the popular sites for crypto gambling in UK organize daily, weekly and monthly competitions. Some websites conduct draws using Random Number Generators. You stand a chance to win tons of dogecoins through such competitions. The players can participate in these lucky draws by playing different eligible Doge games on the websites. The randomly picked winners get amazing casino bonuses, loads of Dogecoin free spins, and much more. You can even win a car or a luxury vacation when you participate in some of the bigger competitions.

Some websites allow players to participate in lucky draws for free while some charge a small fee for the same. Other live dealer games and competitions like Dogecoin roulette and Dogecoin betting (on sports, politics, etc.) are also popular. On some websites, you will get a few coins right before the tournament starts to place your bets. You need to earn more points than your fellow competitors to win. Some tournaments have time limits and can last from a day to even a week.

Note that online gambling competitions get extremely competitive, and there are always a large number of players participating in the same tournament. However, anyone stands a chance to win with lots of practice.

Sign up benefits to check out on the best Dogecoin online casinos

Dogecoin casino sign up

Since there are a lot of Dogecoin casino sites on the internet, all of them are always in competition with each other. The good news is that many of these websites try to attract players towards them by offering awesome benefits. When you sign up on any of the best crypto gambling sites in UK, make sure to check out all the rewards.

For instance, most Doge casinos offer a welcome bonus before the first deposit bonus when you meet the initial minimum deposit requirements. There are several websites that offer a Dogecoin casino no deposit bonus when you sign up. What’s more, some Doge websites provide free spins to keep your spirits up when you play your first game. You can keep the Dogecoin free spins and bonuses coming by referring a friend (or a few) as well.

The best Dogecoin casinos also have VIP programs that generate even more rewards. They have loyalty programs for VIP players with which you can win cash prizes, extra free spins, and much more.

How did a Dogecoin gambling site become a thing?

It all started when Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer made a joke on a viral meme about an adorably judgmental Shiba Inu dog in 2013. The rest is blockchain history. Regarded as the first meme coin, Dogecoin is one of the top-rated cryptocurrencies in the market at present. While it is a relatively new form of cryptocurrency, it has become immensely popular among online gambling enthusiasts because of its numerous benefits.

Imagine playing games online with coins based on a dog meme. As strange as it sounds, it is actually a great idea. The payouts happen surprisingly fast, no extra fees are charged, a welcome bonus is granted, free spins are always around the corner and your funds are secure, always. Plus, you get to remain completely anonymous. What’s more, you get to play a number of fun games including poker, bingo, lottery, sports betting, roulette, and much more. Does this sound like a great way to spend time or what?

So, how does gambling with Dogecoin sound?

Dogecoin casino wins

Playing games to win money is a dream come true for millennials and Gen Z folks in the UK. The best part is that most of the popular games that feature on the best Dogecoin casinos do not require focused attention to play; it is a great chance to practice multi-tasking. For example, you could be playing Doge roulette and winning lots of free spins while doing laundry at the same time.

Plus, dogecoins are quite affordable, and gambling with them will not stop you from sleeping soundly at night. Doge casino games come in varying types, and you will have thousands of options to choose from and keep things interesting. So without further ado, sign up for one of the coolest Dogecoin casinos and win big!

Frequently asked questions about the best Doge casino websites

Why use Dogecoin for gambling?

Dogecoin is cheaper compared to other major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Plus, its transaction fees are really low. Also, the best crypto gambling sites UK accept Doge, and you can play amazing games like Dogecoin blackjack to win amazing bonuses, free spins, and much more. What's more, Dogecoin deposits happen really quickly; the waiting time is extremely low compared to other cryptocurrencies.

Is gambling with Dogecoin legal in the UK?

It is legal for residents of the UK to gamble with Dogecoin on certified Dogecoin casinos and gambling websites.

How does Dogecoin work on gambling sites?

Gambling websites require you to make deposits to play games and place bets. You can do that by making deposits directly from your Dogecoin wallet. When you win rewards and bonuses, they will also be deposited to the Dogecoin address you provide.

Are Dogecoin online casino websites safe?

Dogecoin casinos and gambling websites are safe as long as they are legal and certified by the Gambling Commission in the UK. The top sites are fraud-proof and offer fair game experiences. However, there are a lot of uncertified websites that you need to steer clear of to have a safe experience.

Do all crypto casino sites accept Dogecoin?

Not all crypto casinos accept Dogecoin, though some of the top crypto gambling sites in UK do. Dogecoin is relatively new, which is why it is not as popular as other cryptocurrencies yet on casino websites.

Which Dogecoin casinos are the best in the UK?

The best Dogecoin casinos in the UK include BitStarz, Stake, CloudBet, and mBit.